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The point-and-click game is often run as a script, while the management game evolves according to your choices and actions. Can you imagine if the two sexes were united in one game? Maybe that’s what prompted the Polish 11-bit studios to create one that interests us today, as well as an unconditional and irrational love for the 80s television series that you’ll read about when you first hit Beat started. Cop In addition, there are only a few Starsky, Hutch and CHIPSOV, whether writing dialogues with ubiquitous humor or structuring days that look almost like an episode of one of the cited television series. For this reason, we will investigate with malicious pleasure who you play.

While you wanted to arrest a robber from a senator and kill him to save your skin, it turned out that diamonds (and not the rest) were stolen. The owner is of the firm belief that you own this and has lowered the rating at the bottom of the stairs. Well, here you are, Jack Kelly, a simple street policeman who came from the neighborhood of Fat Mike and was moved to another location, even though he did not have time to enjoy his departure. In Beat Cop, you have at least 21 days to find out that this flight has failed. For example, take a survey in the background, even if your daily bread is bread on the street, where you have to file software, arrest criminals, and play the cops, the mafia, or help the gangs … you decide what your destiny is!

The spirit of point and click is there, though in a sense it no longer exists. In Beat Cop, the action takes place on the same road that you can cross from left to right, with many NPCs (non-playable characters) that you come across, but with which you also interact to unlock situations. There will be dialogue passages, some passages will be delicious, a variety of actions, items for harvesting, delivery to other locations, etc. No inventory or puzzles that highlight your story, and from this side the game is off the genre. However, the movements and actions performed on the screen of your Android smartphone or tablet are very similar to this type of game.

But there is another aspect that prevails in the architecture of Beat Cop, this is undoubtedly the aspect of game management. They have several side quests and a main quest, which is done day by day, with options that affect the rest of the scenario. Here you have three main indicators of trust that you are a citizen, and therefore your integrity as a police officer, as an Italian mafia and as a gang. Of course, these three are completely incompatible, forcing you to make decisions about side quests that you can complete or how you do it. For this reason, the game opens up different perspectives in the script and gives it some interest in playback, even though the actions in this manual may become redundant.

You have 21 days to prove your innocence before your captain resigns. The game will work day after day with your actions or daily tasks, improvised events, meetings and decisions. Once your service is complete, you can view the results of your confidence indicator actions, get a summary of the actions, and get some tips. Completing Day Beat Cop lasts 20 to 25 minutes, giving you 7 to 8 hours of play time, knowing that you can open up other parts of the story again. However, the repetition of actions can sometimes erase the sweet enjoyment of this ode in the series of the eighties. What do you think Jack Kelly will do to you?

Beat Cop combines tactful management and wit in some aspects and offers a study full of humor, madness and choice that will help you in different aspects of the adventure. 11 bit studios have achieved a pleasant combination with the strong spirit of the 80s, which is appreciated by fans of retro games, not to mention the younger players. Nevertheless, fans of the Vintage series will appreciate the dialogues at a fair price, which is often delicious, though sometimes we regret some repetition of actions that are a bit hard work. So you feel that the soul of a corrupt cop or the honesty of a uniform will guide you.

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