Devastator : The Test

Nervous, explosive, addictive, bright, hard: most of the games created by Radiangames Studio are characterized by the following adjectives. And although each of them can be associated with Devastator, it is a fairly accurate fact. Here we are with a very typical arcade dual arcade quite difficult, but so good, beautiful and fluid that it will be obsessive and it will be very difficult to leave it. The action is intense and your achievements will be exciting and rewarding.

Déplacez vous dans le niveau et explosez tout

Devastator offers 3 different game modes. If the first two are available from the beginning, you must overcome the second mode to unlock the third one. You will have an exercise mode, ideal to train and test your hand with no less than 30 waves and unlimited life.

Or use a great destruction!
The second mode, called hardcore, offers the same first 30 levels with 20 supernumeraries, but most of the parts in which you only have 5 lives at the beginning, when you gain a new life you get 100,000 points. You must master the game in order to have an opportunity in this mode, which will not be easy to do. If you can finish it, you can go to elite mode where you only have 3 lives, without any additional reinforcement that is really difficult. Throughout the game, it allows you to cross with 12 different enemy behaviors more or less quickly. You will learn how without hitting to eliminate, and this is really the key to your success. Fortunately, the interface is very fluid, the reagents, the joysticks and the devastator compatible with the joysticks for the gaming experience deserve a console, although the game on smartphones and tablets with Android is already interesting.

During your attempt to survive in this hypnotic game, you will achieve different objectives that will unleash different abilities in stages of this game, all we ask is a good game. Devastator is one of them, and you will have difficulties to drop your Android phone or tablet, always wanting to see if you can go further.

Mais parfois ce sera la mort... Recommencez !



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