Returner Zhero – Final Cut by Fantastic Yes

Remember, in October 2017, Studio Fantastic, yes, released its first game on an Android-based smartphone and tablet called Returner 77. This multi-puzzle adventure game was visually a great success, and we’ve greatly appreciated it. Well, the studio decided to reuse this universe and this scenario, revealing another part of the story of the return to save all mankind and find Colonel Ling again. With Returning to Gero, this will be a similar principle, different locations, puzzles are a bit more diverse and exciting science-fiction environment with beautiful graphics shattered by an intense soundtrack. But do you have the courage to successfully carry out this new mission to save the earth?

After a short introduction, you will present the context of the game you know when you get lost in the turns of the first game, like we, that aliens have invaded Earth to destroy humans. As you progress, you will gradually learn a little more about why you are here. You play as a scientist who has risked everything to get on this ship to spy on aliens, but which has been cryogenized for five years. They finally wake up when Colonel Lin arrives at the same places to help you. In the first few minutes, you will learn how to control the interface to succeed on your way to “Returning Jero,” getting out of this huge crystal vessel and completing your mission.

Keep in mind that you do not have to play the first opus that appears on the timeline after that, even though it can help you understand many situations or dialogues. In addition, a small minus point is missing for the passing “Returning Jero” when the whole thing is translated into French, some translations, often words to complete the sentences, and mistakes are legions. This somewhat distorts the quality of the game, though we still can ignore it. Another benefit of Returner 77 is that you already know how commands work, even if you can learn them differently in a small tutorial. Capture is also a great highlight of the game.

To navigate the Returner Zhero 3D environment, simply double-click on the desired location. Of course, you can not go anywhere, but in the lower right corner of your mobile or Android tablet’s screen, you’ll have access to the radar to create a round icon for the points of interest you’re at. You can start. The zoom system next to this button is also available but much more interesting on a mobile phone than on a tablet. As you move your finger across the screen, you can adjust your vision in different ways, just like FPS, to enjoy many different environments that are more beautiful than the others. You will also have 7 different chapters to treat them to get out of the ship alive, even though the script and interest of the chapters are quite uneven.

The scenario that unfolds in front of you will be adorned with many puzzles, and admittedly they are luckily a bit more varied than for the first work. The level of difficulty is not overly high throughout the game, but sometimes you may feel stuck in the return of Jero. Fortunately, AI can help you at any time, whether you are investigating or solving puzzles. Pressing the button in the upper right corner of the screen will give you the first hint. If this is not enough for you, you can click again to get a closer second. If you can not solve the puzzle, a third click on this button will ask you a question to definitely pass the puzzle on to pass it on to … you can see!

The adventure that this new episode of the Returner series offers is very interesting and well done. Apart from the concern of the French translations, one can only regret that it is impossible to speed up the often slow change of character, even if one thinks that he still wanted to imitate the inertia of the room. It will take a maximum of 2 to 2:30 to finish “Return of Jero”, which is not very long, but since this adventure is beautifully done, we almost want to repeat it to enjoy even more places. or try to solve puzzles that passed the first round?


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