Stay : Are you there?

Lately many narrative games appear regularly on our iPhone or iPad. Certainly thanks to the rich writing of the scriptwriters or the original ideas of the studios. In addition, the publisher Plug In Digital is not his first field experiment! However, in collaboration with the Spanish Appnormals team, they are proposing a slightly different concept by wearing a game that will be available on some consoles and computers as early as spring 2018. With STAY: Are you there? will turn more to the escape game with fresh and promising ideas.

STAY: Are you there? (copie d'écran 15 sur iPhone / iPad / Apple TV)

The scenario strangely begins in cinematography, revealing a famous personality, a psychologist of occupations, who has trouble falling asleep. You do not know much about him, but you can learn more about adventure. After being taken over, he wakes up in a dark room, alone, barefoot, with an old computer terminal in front of him … connected to you! They are forced to tell the story of the steel in order to escape from these places.

Unfortunately, this principle is not really important. It’s a friendship or a deep hate, the script STAY: Are you there? develops gradually, chapter by chapter. Of course, the connection between the story and your correspondence will vary, but this will not change in the short or long term, which is a pity. As you progress, however, you will be pleased to read Quinn’s mental difficulties and help him, of course.

STAY: Are you there? (copie d'écran 30 sur iPhone / iPad / Apple TV)

This is another interesting aspect of STAY: are you there? They are a bit different, though some remain very traditional. It is also a pity that puzzles offer little or no clue, or that it is impossible to persist after a while to avoid unnecessary detention. Especially that Quinn was impatient on his side and found time to leave him alone in the face of his desperation.

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